European Construction Company (ECC) is an engineering, construction and project management company that promotes sustainable construction techniques for commercial, residential, renovation and infrastructure projects.
We operate throughout Europe and have a special focus on Scandinavian and Baltic regions. As a reliable one-stop construction services company, ECC provides a full range services – from concept and contracts through to construction and completion.

Our vision

To provide construction services and technical expertise that contribute value to both our clients and to our society so that communities thrive and people can live more sustainably.

Our mission

To innovate at every stage of the construction process to create more comfortable, economic and sustainable environments for everyone.

MITAU-PREFAB a member of the ECC Group

MITAU PREFAB design, assess the strengths and produce durable, high quality concrete elements for the production of residential and industrial properties. Thanks to our proven quality assured production method, we can offer the shortest delivery times of concrete elements in the european market. For more info >>